Upgrade to Confidence

The Corsis Confidence Program™ is a combination of powerful business intelligence tools and services that helps investors, executives and technology managers establish confidence in the technology that runs their business, both today and into the future. The program includes:

How It Works

  • Based on the Corsis Confidence Index™, a proprietary best practices standard delivered through a SaaS platform

  • Utilizes scoring algorithms developed by a Yale University mathematician to provide insight into your systems’ health

  • TechIndicators™, customized assessment metrics gauge your organization against industry best practice and lifecycle needs

  • Produces a visual report card that gives you both a qualitative and quantitative view of your technology operations


How It Helps


Provides a standardized, accurate and most importantly, impartial assessment of your company’s complex technology operations


Gauges conformance to industry compliance requirements including data security and privacy for infrastructure and development


Produces industry specific insight for clear and actionable recommendations via a web-based “visual report card”


Keeps your company current on emerging technologies, allowing you to scale and upgrade through a continuous improvement program

Industry Expertise

Private Equity / Venture Capital

Gives investors a better understanding of IT-related investment risks and assists CTOs with the preparation for an impending capital event


Empowers CMOs to have confidence in the systems and partners supporting their company’s marketing and CRM initiatives


Help organizations clearly identify HIPAA-related security and privacy risks to map improvements

eCommerce & Retail

Guides organizations in the deployment and management of their storefront securely on the cloud

Media & Publishing

Manages the challenges of seasonal traffic demands, marketing data collection and IT operational budgets

Who It Helps


Corsis gives you a clear and uncomplicated view of your mission-critical technology, helping you transform IT from a risk to be feared into an asset that can unleash business growth


Corsis has developed proven tools and techniques for giving you an impartial view of your IT Systems. We’ll help improve system performance and resiliency while reducing costs.


The Corsis Confidence Index™ give you a full understanding and interpretation of complex technology issues that are critical to your decision making process when making an investment.

Find out how to transform your technology from a risk into an asset.
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